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help you effectively position a product into production and service, let operate it efficiency, lower support costs, and capability and lunch service rapidly.

SYRVS is system integrator who modernize Industrial Networks, delivering business outcomes for enterprise and IT buyers who requires a new approach, new capabilities, and new relationships, have deep vertical knowledge and processes that facilitate executive knowledge of technology values, break down IT infrastructure into functional and logical layers, allowing executives to easily determine costs and implementation, while permitting IT technical staff to evaluate the recommendation.

Our network integration services help you create a network that enables your IT infrastructure to embrace new technologies that meet your requirements and deliver ongoing technology leadership, we offer end-to-end network services to integrate technologies and solutions from other platform providers. We deliver cost effective, vendor neutral solutions targeted at your specific business challenges. Our expertise in network integration helps mitigate risks and provides well managed implementations. We help you get the most out of your IT investment.

Our objectives are not limit to:

  • More effectively manage adding block into your platform, plan for equipment install, configure and upgrades.

  • Identify and resolve issues quickly and reduce downtime
  • Streamline contract management and access support resources faster


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SYRVS largest vendorless consulting system integrator: ranging from greenfield start-ups to service provider. Our engineering team specializes in design, migration and troubleshooting with options for global 24/7 support and SLA. Areas of Design Focus: Service Provider (ISP And Wireline), Enterprise (Campus, Branch and Data Center), Data Center (Cloud, Co-Location, Private) Routing exptertise: BGP, MBGP, EBGP, IBGP, MPLS LDP, MPLS L3VPN, TE, FRR, VLL, VPLS, IS-IS, OSPF, RIP, PBR, PVST, Rapid-PRVS, MST, PVLAN, IPv6, VRRP, Multicasting, Policy Routing, Routing Failover and High AvailabilityFabric FEX, vPC+, Fabric Path, FCoE, NPV, NPIV, OTV, LISP, VSS, UCS, VMware Switching expertise: VLAN (q-in-q, s/c tag, rewrite/translation), spanning tree, lacp and bonding, GPON,LNS, LAC, BRAS, PPPoE, PPPoA, ADSL, ADSL2+, SHDSL, VDSL, OTL, ONU, ONT, Metro Ethernet, SDH, DWDM,  layer 2 transport design, layer 2 redundancy Wireless expertise: Fixed commercial broadband (Licensed, Unlicensed and LTE/WiMAX) Enterprise (Campus and Branch) Event (Stadium and Large venue) Security Expertise: Firewall, Mangle, DDoS prevention/Mitigation, IPS/IDS, IPSEC, Load balancer, Network Admission controller NAC, Identity Service Engine ISE, reverse Proxy, Internet Proxy, VPN / IPsec, L2TP, PPTP, SSL, AnyConnect, Clientless web /, DMVPN, 802.1x, SC, SSO, ACS, Tacacs+,Auditing Network ,Auditing Web Application, PTES, Kali Linux Pen Test, Metasploit,  Nessus , Burp Suite, NMAP, Nipper, Fluxion,   Tunnel design and deployment Services Expertise: Hotspot, QoS (CoS,EXP Bit,DSCP), IPTV and Collaboration SIP/H.323, EoIP, PPtP/SStP, PPPoE, OpenVPN, SIP, H323, Call Routing, SS7, Sigtran / M3UA, M2UA /, RTP, RTCP, MGCP, H248, SBC Proxy, Soft switch, call manager, UMG, GW, CUCM, IMP, Expressways, CUC, MCU, UCCX, UCCE, Pager, Jabber, WebEx  Linux, Prime, OV, Net flow, Wireshark, AAA, SNMPv3, RMON, Radius, PRTGP,

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